Uncle Ed Finds a Home

Uncle Ed first visited my place in 2019. He was already a full grown.

I’ve only occasionally seen him since then. I think he was living with the farm animals at my neighbors to the west. He would come over to my barn to eat late at night. Well, as I’ve mentioned before, those neighbors bugged out with most of their animals, but leaving their cats behind. I had seen Uncle Ed spending a few hours in one of the heated cat houses in my barn, but never for very long. With temperatures dropping down to near 0F, Uncle Ed finally moved into the heated cat house on my rear deck. He looked absolutely exhausted. He would go around to my main deck where there’s food in the big cat house and a heated water dish. That’s been his routine now for the last few weeks. He’s now looking well rested and relaxed. So maybe he’s found his new home, at least for the winter.