Self Adopter Still Here

The ‘Self Adopter’ is really enjoying being here. He’s well mannered and loves attention. I’ll probably wait to take him in to the vet for his shots and ID chip until I finish with the latest batch of vet visits for my resident cats. I’m still not sure if he’s a he or a she. He’s too fuzzy to tell by sight and he gets pretty feisty when I try to feel around. I still haven’t come up with a good name yet.

There’s still 2 cats hanging around the house where the people bugged out. There’s a black longhair and a short haired gray tabby. I felt bad about these cats being out in the cold, but then realized that I’m surrounded by dozens of cats that I have managed to bring inside. Later this evening when I went to put a plate of food in one of the barn cat houses, I was face to face with a new cat. I’m pretty sure it was the black longhair from next door. So it’s good to know that those cats know that there’s plenty of food in the barn and a warm place to sleep if they need it.

I took this picture of Shy Baby yesterday.

Seriously, this is my bench. I don’t share.