Vet Marathon Finish Line

We’re coming to the end of the Vet visits marathon. This next week, Mingo and Jade go on Tuesday, Tatiana and Zorro go on Wednesday and finally Katrina goes on Friday. Mingo was moved from Friday to Tuesday because he got a cat bite on his leg and I want to get him an antibiotic shot as soon as possible. I’ve been able to get two antibiotic pills in him but it took a real struggle so the shot will be a better bet. You’re probably wondering who this Katrina kitty is. That’s the name I gave to the new kitty who moved in about 6 weeks ago. The bad news is that we’re expecting a blizzard with plunging temperatures over the first two days of vet visits. Heavy snows and wind chill down to -50F. Wish me luck.

Uncle Ed moved from the cathouse on the back deck to the medium cathouse on the main deck. Both food and water are now just a few steps away.

I’ve been learning how to use a new photo editing program and came up with this last night.

Translucent Buffy…