Goodby Uncle Ed

Last Tuesday, when I was taking Kato out to the car to go to the vet, I startled Uncle Ed. When he took off, I could see that he was having trouble running. I knew I’d have to try and catch him to get him checked out. Kato’s visit went fine and now she’s current on all her shots. When I got home, I saw that Uncle Ed was in one of the cat houses so I blocked both exits and then managed to get him in to a carrier. I called the vet’s office and got him an appointment for the next day.

At the vet’s office they figured out right away that they would have to sedate Uncle Ed before they could check him out. They gave him a sedative shot and we waited. He was still awake so they gave him another shot and we waited. He was finally groggy enough that they could wrap him in towels to take back to give him some gas to finally knock him out. He definitely had a problem with his rear end but x-rays showed no fractures. The vet thought he might have suffered some sort of trauma. It was going to take a long time of confinement and twice daily antibiotic pills and that may or may not do any good. We decided to run more tests to see if anything else was wrong with him. That showed that he was FIV positive. That decided the matter. The best thing to do was to say goodby to the old boy.

On Thursday I took Spitkitty in to have the lump removed from his rear leg. The vet said his lungs sounded kind a raspy so she wanted to put him on antibiotics for a couple of weeks before she did the surgery. The only way I can be sure to catch him twice a day to give him a pill is to keep him confined in a room in the basement. He hates being confined and he hates getting pills. It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks.

Today, I got a new area rug for the living room. I decided to go subtle.