Kitty Update It’s been a while.

I haven’t posted a lot because when things are good and all the kitties are doing fine, there’s not much to post. When things aren’t going well, I hate to post bad news.
So that being said, most of the babies are doing fine. Sparkle, my wandering kitty, is still happily living in my exercise room in the basement. I spend time with her every day and give her the run of the whole basement once in a while. 
I noticed that Swoozie was eating much more than usual and drinking a lot. I took her to the vet and after a couple of visits, they determined that she had hyperthyroidism. All her other bloodwork was OK. So she now gets a pill twice a day.
Cinder had started having trouble urinating, like she would be in the litter box for 10 to 15 minutes just to leave a little spot of pee. Over many vet visits over the last month, she seems to be back to normal.
Huggy Bear had lost weight and was drinking a lot of water, so I took him in. His kidneys were starting to fail and on a follow up visit his kidneys were so much worse, it was decided to let him go. I miss him everyday. 
There’s a giant brown tabby who has been showing up at the barn and even coming in the house to eat. His main color is brown but where most tabbies will have a light tan under coat, his under coat is yellow which gives him an over all golden hue. I call him Goldie. He comes from the west of my property.
There’s also a big black shorthaired cat who shows up to eat and occasionally I find him sleeping on one of the window shelves in the house. He comes from the east.
Of course, Darrell, the big white Persian still comes over to eat late at night.
In middle of all this, I had to say goodbye to my best friend of over 50 years. I hate funerals but I’m glad I went. His wife is such a sweetie and his son and I have always gotten along really well.