Black Kitty Gets Better

Time for a kitty update.
The good news is that there’s no bad news.
All my kitties are doing fine.
The usual suspects, aka the neighborhood cats, still show up for dinner, at least every other day.
The one interesting bit of news is about big black shorthaired cat. What I thought were old scars on his head were in fact fairly fresh wounds. It looks like a dog had the poor guy by his head. He was lucky to get away. The reason I realized that they weren’t old scars is that they started to heal up and hair over. Also as the swelling in his head started going down, his one ear that was sticking out to the side, started standing up again. He was just in here eating a little bit ago and he’s looking better each time I see him. He’s still got a little ways to go but at least I’m not so worried about him.