Kitty Update 08 25 2020

Ok, so when last I posted, Buffy was still in his room in the basement and I was going to modify the big cat house in the barn with sliding doors on each end that could be closed remotely.

Buffy has decided he wanted to be in the bigger room in the basement where he can hang out with his sister Shimmer. That left his old room empty and that’s the best room to put Sophia, the mamma kitty and hopefully her grown daughter Tabitha.

Just a reminder of who the players are in this drama. Last October the neighbors to the northwest took off, abandoning their house with the Dad going one way and the Mom the other. One or the other took the kids, the dogs, and the goats, but left the mamma cat, Sophia, with 3 kittens, the kittens were Gruffy, Tabitha and Nugget. I caught and adopted Nugget, Tabitha stayed with the mamma, and Gruffy disappeared sometime last winter.

In the last couple of months, the mamma brought 3 kittens to the barn. They’re now in another room in the basement waiting to get their final shots and ID implants. When they’re old enough they’ll get fixed.