Kitty Update 08 28 2020

So now we’re up to date. I did modify the cat house with sliding doors and also added a new security camera with zoom lens so I could keep an eye on where Sophia and Tabitha live at the northwest neighbor house. I was concentrating on catching Sophia before she could get pregnant again and then figure out how to determine whether or not Tabitha had kittens already. On closer examination of the security videos, it was clear that Tabitha was very pregnant. So catching her before she had her kittens became top priority.

With everything in place and watching multiple security camera feeds I was ready to catch her. Around midnight she very cautiously approached the barn, taking at least 20 minutes to finally go inside. Just as she was about to jump up to the cat house, Little Sweety sneaked into the barn and attacked her. They didn’t actually get into a full cat fight but after Little Sweety left, Tabitha was so frightened the she took off. I went out and grabbed Little Sweety, brought her inside, and shut her up in the spare bedroom where she’ll stay until I get this all done. Anyway, I stayed up until after 4am watching the security cameras but Tabitha didn’t come back.

Last night with everything set up again, and Little Sweety still inside, I was prepared to wait all night if need be to catch Tabitha. Luckily, just before 1am, I spotted her entering the barn. Shortly after that she went into the cat house to eat and after she got a good tummy full, I hit the button to close the doors. After that it was just a matter of transferring her to a carrier and bringing her into the house.

She doesn’t act totally freaked out and is eating well. So that’s a job well done. Now I just need to nab the original mamma, Sophia. Maybe tonight.