Kitty Update 08 21 2020

Time for another kitty update…

Besides the everyday taking care of all my kitties, I have 6 vet visits scheduled in the next 7 days so I’ve been very busy. I had my modified trap set out in the cat barn but the mamma cat hasn’t shown any inclination to go in. A few of the other cats were eating the food in the trap, one being Buffy who I wanted to catch later. I decided to take what I could get so I trapped Buffy and brought him inside. His is one of the scheduled vet visits. He’s a sweetheart and absolutely craves attention. I think he was pretty traumatized when his owners left him behind. I used the trap again to catch Mingo for his vet visit yesterday. He’s a wild boy who spends all his time outside and would have been very hard to catch otherwise. The little kittens are doing well and Sassy had her second vet visit yesterday. She was not happy about going but settled down pretty quickly when she got home.

Three new cats showed up at the cat barn but it turns out that one of them belongs to the neighbors to the north. The other two I don’t know about. All of the barn cats are eating well.

To catch the mamma cat, Sophia, and her daughter, Tabitha, I decided to add sliding doors to the main cathouse in the barn where I put most of the food. They go in there every night to eat. I’ll add door-lock actuators to each door so I can shut the doors remotely. The only problem is that having already brought Buffy inside, I’m running out of rooms to keep them in until I can get them fixed.

Buffy went to the vet for the first time today for his initial checkup and shots. He goes back in 4 weeks for his booster shots and to get fixed. Then he can finally get out of his room and go outside again.