Kitty Update 11 20 2020

Wednesday I took Tommy, sibling of Shimmer and Buffy, in for his first shots and exam. He’s in great shape and I got another major scratch for my troubles.

Thursday I took Teddy, Sugar Baby and Sassy in to get fixed. I grabbed Sassy first and as expected, she went nuts. Luckily I had on kevlar reinforced leather gloves and she was so busy tearing into one of the gloves, it was easy to stuff her into the carrier. I did have to abandon the glove in with her. I wasn’t about to try to retrieve it. Teddy and Sugar baby were easy compared to that. Yes, I did have another set of gloves to use. They all came through fine and are back to their sweet little selves.

Today, Friday, I took the seven, 12 week old kittens in for their second round of shots. They were all super easy to put in the carriers.

The newest 5 kittens will go in for their 1st exam and shots in about 3 weeks.

Sophia has completely become one of the house cats. She’s really sweet. Soon I’ll have to let her outside so she’ll get used to being able to go out and come back in.

I haven’t spotted any new pregnant cats at the barn… Knock on Wood!