Kitty Update 10 20 2020

Destiny went to the vet last Friday for her shots and to get her earmites taken care of. She’s so much happier and more relaxed now that her ears aren’t bothering her. All of her kittens have earmites and when you first walk in, it looks like a room full of bobble heads, with all the the head shaking and scratching. All 12 kittens are going in this Thursday for have their ears cleaned, then they all go in for their first shots on the 29th, the day after they turn 8 weeks old. Then at least four of the little darlings will be ready to go to their new homes.

Both Sophia and Destiny are scheduled to be spayed on November 2nd. On the 18th of November Sassy, Teddy and Sugar Baby will be 6 months old and will be old enough to get fixed though I haven’t scheduled that yet.

Cinder and her kittens are doing fine but I’ve been worried that Cinder isn’t eating very much. I finally figured out that she wasn’t feeling very secure. The room she’s in has a 3 doors leading to other parts of the basement. With kittens and cats behind 2 of the doors and the laundry/furnace room.