Kitty Update 08 30 2020

The new mamma kitty started having her kittens at noon today.
Later I can see 2 gray tabby kittens possibly 3.
When I went in to check on her, the mamma let me know in no uncertain terms that this was none of my business and I should stay clear.

Still popping out kittens. I went down to change out the towel in the box and check on the kittens. There was one still wet and wandering around in the back of the box so I moved her forward and notice another fresh out of the shoot so I moved her up to where her mother could clean her. When I went back down there was another mostly out but the mamma wasn’t doing much so I got that one out and around to the mother to clean up. I had to throw a towel over the mamma to manage to do that.

Right now she’s still busy cleaning all the kittens so that’s a good sign. I hope they all make it. As of now I think there’s 7.

The mamma was still popping out kitties until about 3pm. When all was said and done there’s 6 or 7 new kittens. Most are some variation of gray tabbies and one is all black. The mamma really doesn’t want me getting close but I did manage to change out the original towel that she had the kitties on. Beyond that, it’s probably better if I just leave her alone.