New ‘Self Adopter’

Update from the cat ranch – Nov 05 2022

Cold weather is definitely here. I got to shovel my first snow a couple of day ago. There’s a high wind warning for tonight and tomorrow. Gusts up to 80 mph.

My last big project this fall was to modify my trailer and used it to haul in 2 tons of crushed concrete to fill in the potholes on my road. Good exercise.

It’s been about a week since I’ve seen the raccoons, so I guess they’ve move on for the winter. It was fun having them around.

I finished with the 10 vet visits last month. I’ve done 2 more visits this month and have 14 more scheduled for the next 2 months, about 2 a week except for 5 the week before Christmas.

I’ve got the heat lamps back in the cat houses and the heated water dishes in place.

I’ve got another ‘self adopter’. The little black cat that I mentioned last time came in through the cat door last evening and stayed to eat everything insight and then took a nice long nap. He eventually went back outside sometime last night. This evening he was at the back door waiting to come in. He’s been inside ever since. He’s been trying out all the many places to sleep and of course having frequent snacks. I didn’t find an ID chip when I checked. Once he’s been here a while, I’ll make an appointment to get him checked out and get shots and a chip. I haven’t thought of a name for him yet.

I bought the domain ‘’. I’m planning to eventually move everything from to this new domain. I’ve been moving all my websites over to a new host provider and VisualCats is the last of it. The move to the new host will save about $500 over the next 3 years. Or I might decide to stay with VisualCats, but on the new host provider. We’ll see.