Kitty Update 09 22 2020

Sophia is still taking good care of Jet. I’ve been able to grab him twice a day to give him his meds, and his wounds have healed really well.

The same day that I took Jet to the vet I also took Sassy in for her final shots. When I tried to put Sassy in the carrier she went nuts and bit me on the wrist. By the next day I was at Urgent Care for my swollen wrist. They put me on a combination of antibiotics. The next day I was back at Urgent care with a hand swollen up like a boxing glove. They gave me an antibiotic IV. There was a slight improvement by the next day and every day since has been a little better. I did have to build a rig for opening cat food cans with one hand. Thank goodness that worked perfectly as I open dozens of cans a day.

I took the pretty white cat, Buffy, in to get fixed yesterday and let him outside today. He’s been back inside a couple of times so I thinks he’s going to fit in fine.