Kitty Update 12 10 2021

It’s a busy month for vet visits. I’ve got 9 cats going in for their yearly checkup and as needed shots. Also the last 4 kittens are going in for their spay or neuter operations. So I had all these visits scheduled well ahead of time, then the vet who they were scheduled with went out on maternity leave. Luckily I got right on it and managed to get them rescheduled with other vets at the same clinic.

The cats and kittens are all doing well. With the cold weather, they’re spending a lot more time inside but they’re getting along surprisingly well with only a few disagreements. There have been quite a few stampedes. Something would spook one or two of the cats and when they take off, that would spook more of them and in seconds you have a full on stampede. Luckily that only involves a dozen or so at a time. Imagine if all 36 were in the same place and that happened.

There’ve been no new additions, which is a good thing because I’m pretty well maxed out. Trying to buy cat food locally is now very hit or miss with a lot of empty shelves. I’ve been getting shipments from an average of 3 times a week but even they have a lot of flavors out of stock. Right now I’ve probably got at least 50 cases of various flavors of canned food and about 10 big bags of dry food. That sounds like a lot but it’s amazing how fast I go through it.

The funny thing is, though I’m very busy taking care of all these furkids, I really enjoy having them around.