Kitty Update 09 10 2020

The kittens of summer, Teddy, Sugar Baby and Sassy are doing great. During the day I open the door between theirs and Shimmer and Buffy’s room so they can all explore and play together. The kittens enjoy this but I think it’s most important to Buffy. He doesn’t like to be alone and he’s very good with the kittens.

Sophia’s new kittens seem to be doing well. I don’t get a clear view of them because Sophia moved them out of the nice box I provided to a more secluded part of the closet. From what I’ve seen, there are 3 kittens, 1 black, 1 dark gray and 1 light gray, all solid colors.

Destiny’s kittens seem to be doing ok but they are a little smaller than Sophia’s. She moved some of them out of the box I provided and over under a chest of drawers leaving 5 behind. I think I might have surprised her in the middle of the move. I moved the 5 to her new location, wearing big leather gloves as she’s viciously protective of her kittens. I found a last one part way to the new location in a little cat play house. I delivered that one to its new home. Destiny seems more calm in her new home.

Sorry, but I don’t have any pictures of the new kittens yet. Between keeping all the cats and kittens fed and litter boxes clean and starting to paint my house I’ve been pretty busy.