Kitty Updates 3

October 02 2020

I Brought Cinder inside at 8:30pm on 10 02 2020.
She looked to be very pregnant.
I put her in the red room.

Both Destiny’s and Sophia’s kittens are starting to eat regular food.
I gave each group a small litter box. All the kittens are very friendly.
Sophia enjoyed some head rubs.
Destiny is still unapproachable. She acts like she has earmites.

October 09 2020

All the kittens are eating dry and canned food and are still nursing.
Sophia’s kittens are just over 5 weeks old and Destiny’s kittens are almost 6 weeks old. When they reach 8 weeks old I’ll take them in for there first shots and exams. I suspect they all have have ear mites.

Destiny was still looking stressed and was eating more than I’ve ever seen any cat eat before. She also craps like a grizzly bear. I have 2 full sized cat boxes for Destiny and her kittens and I have to empty them twice a day and even at that the mamma fills them up so full that the kittens have started going on the puppy pads instead of the box. I was worried enough about Destiny that even though she’s scheduled for a vet appointment next Friday, I took her in today to be tested for the bad viruses. All tests were negative so that’s a big relief.

Yesterday, while I was in with Sophia and the kittens, Sophia started scratching her ear and as soon as she did, she started screaming, really loud. I called and got her in to the vet right away. The vet found a lot of junk in her ears and was sure the problem was ear mites though he didn’t actually see any. As she didn’t get any medication, it was OK to let her keep nursing the kittens.

In the mean time, a few days ago I nabbed yet another pregnant cat and brought her inside. She has the coloring of a tortie but it’s so strange looking you would think she was singed in a fire. She wasn’t of course, but I ended up calling her Cinder. I’ll probably just call her Cindy. She’s not very stressed about being inside. She definitely not feral.

I went over to the neighbors to the west to see if they were missing a cat. They didn’t know Cinder but when I told them about all the kittens I had, the lady said she had 2 friends who were looking for kittens. She came over the next day to take pictures of all the kitties. So that’s 3 kitties who might have new homes.

The 3 kittens from earlier this summer, Teddy, Sassy and Sugar Baby are free to roam the house but spend most of their time in the basement and the back porch. Sugar Baby is the most adventuresome.

Both Shimmer and Buffy are happy to be living here and Buffy has settled down a lot since he was neutered.

Shy Baby, Friendly, Mingo and Sparkle still come to the house and barn to eat every night.

October 14 2020

A little after 3 this afternoon, Cinder finally started popping kittens. I gave her a well covered box when I brought her in on the 2nd, so it’s very hard to see how many kitties she has. I did catch a glimpse of an orange and white kitten and a gray tabby.

It’s cold and windy here, so I’m glad all these kittens and moms are inside, warm and safe.

I’ve since managed a second glimpse and I ‘think’ I saw 2 orange tabbies, 2 gray tabbies and a white flame point.

October 20 2020

Destiny went to the vet last Friday for her shots and to get her earmites taken care of. She’s so much happier and more relaxed now that her ears aren’t bothering her. All of her kittens have earmites and when you first walk in, it looks like a room full of bobble heads, with all the the head shaking and scratching. All 12 kittens are going in this Thursday for have their ears cleaned, then they all go in for their first shots on the 29th, the day after they turn 8 weeks old. Then at least four of the little darlings will be ready to go to their new homes.

Both Sophia and Destiny are scheduled to be spayed on November 2nd. On the 18th of November Sassy, Teddy and Sugar Baby will be 6 months old and will be old enough to get fixed though I haven’t scheduled that yet.

Cinder and her kittens are doing fine but I’ve been worried that Cinder isn’t eating very much. I finally figured out that she wasn’t feeling very secure. The room she’s in has a 3 doors leading to other parts of the basement. With kittens and cats behind 2 of the doors and the laundry/furnace room.

November 20 2020

Wednesday I took Tommy, sibling of Shimmer and Buffy, in for his first shots and exam. He’s in great shape and I got another major scratch for my troubles.

Thursday I took Teddy, Sugar Baby and Sassy in to get fixed. I grabbed Sassy first and as expected, she went nuts. Luckily I had on kevlar reinforced leather gloves and she was so busy tearing into one of the gloves, it was easy to stuff her into the carrier. I did have to abandon the glove in with her. I wasn’t about to try to retrieve it. Teddy and Sugar baby were easy compared to that. Yes, I did have another set of gloves to use. They all came through fine and are back to their sweet little selves.

Today, Friday, I took the seven, 12 week old kittens in for their second round of shots. They were all super easy to put in the carriers.

The newest 5 kittens will go in for their 1st exam and shots in about 3 weeks.

Sophia has completely become one of the house cats. She’s really sweet. Soon I’ll have to let her outside so she’ll get used to being able to go out and come back in.

I haven’t spotted any new pregnant cats at the barn… Knock on Wood!

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