Kitty Updates 2

August 30 2020

The new mamma kitty started having her kittens at noon today.
Later I can see 2 gray tabby kittens possibly 3.
When I went in to check on her, the mamma let me know in no uncertain terms that this was none of my business and I should stay clear.

Still popping out kittens. I went down to change out the towel in the box and check on the kittens. There was one still wet and wandering around in the back of the box so I moved her forward and notice another fresh out of the chute so I moved her up to where her mother could clean her. When I went back down there was another mostly out but the mamma wasn’t doing much so I got that one out and around to the mother to clean up. I had to throw a towel over the mamma to manage to do that.

Right now she’s still busy cleaning all the kittens so that’s a good sign. I hope they all make it. As of now I think there’s 7.

The mamma was still popping out kitties until about 3pm. When all was said and done there’s 6 or 7 new kittens. Most are some variation of gray tabbies and one is all black. The mamma really doesn’t want me getting close but I did manage to change out the original towel that she had the kitties on. Beyond that, it’s probably better if I just leave her alone.

September 02 2020

Color me part 2…

When I went in to the spare bedroom to feed Sophia at around 9am, I heard kittens crying. It seemed strange that I could hear the kittens who were in the basement and when I checked I saw that Sophia had kittens sometime this morning. I didn’t even know she was pregnant. I got busy and made her a nice box with a clean rug on the bottom. After a bit of fuss, I got Sophia and her three kittens moved to the new box and they seemed to have settled in nicely.

Color me surprised!

September 10 2020

The kittens of summer, Teddy, Sugar Baby and Sassy are doing great. During the day I open the door between theirs and Shimmer and Buffy’s room so they can all explore and play together. The kittens enjoy this but I think it’s most important to Buffy. He doesn’t like to be alone and he’s very good with the kittens.

Sophia’s new kittens seem to be doing well. I don’t get a clear view of them because Sophia moved them out of the nice box I provided to a more secluded part of the closet. From what I’ve seen, there are 3 kittens, 1 black, 1 dark gray and 1 light gray, all solid colors.

Destiny’s kittens seem to be doing ok but they are a little smaller than Sophia’s. She moved some of them out of the box I provided and over under a chest of drawers leaving 5 behind. I think I might have surprised her in the middle of the move. I moved the 5 to her new location, wearing big leather gloves as she’s viciously protective of her kittens. I found a last one part way to the new location in a little cat play house. I delivered that one to its new home. Destiny seems more calm in her new home.

Sorry, but I don’t have any pictures of the new kittens yet. Between keeping all the cats and kittens fed and litter boxes clean and starting to paint my house I’ve been pretty busy.

September 16 2020

The kitten’s name is Jet and the mother is Destiny.

Jet is 2 1/2 weeks old. He is one of 8 kittens. The mother is either feral or at least very unapproachable. The kittens were born August 30.

A few days after he was born, I noticed what looked like 2 spider bites. Each spot was a bald 3/8 inch circle with a bright pink raised small dot in the middle. The spots didn’t change for the next few days and then the mother moved the kittens under a chest of drawers. I didn’t get a good look at the kitten until this Monday. It looked like one of the spots had abscessed and burst. The other spot is larger and might be abscessed too.

He has always been active and nurses often. The mother gives him regular baths, but hadn’t cleaned up the stuff from the abscess.

His second wound had popped by the time I got to the vet. The vet also found a wound on the joint of his left rear leg. He’s now on 14 days of antibiotics and pain killer as needed. Because he needed meds twice a day, I didn’t see how it was possible to put him back with his mean mamma, so the plan was for him to become a bottle baby. After two feedings I could tell that this wasn’t going to work very well. My backup plan was to put him in with the other mamma, Sophia’s 3 kittens. This worked very well with Sophia bringing him in for dinner. There is a worry that she might start licking his wounds which would be bad. Also, even though she is much nicer than Jet’s mother, it still might be difficult to grab the kitty every 12 hours to give him his meds.

September 22 2020

Sophia is still taking good care of Jet. I’ve been able to grab him twice a day to give him his meds, and his wounds have healed really well.

The same day that I took Jet to the vet I also took Sassy in for her final shots. When I tried to put Sassy in the carrier she went nuts and bit me on the wrist. By the next day I was at Urgent Care for my swollen wrist. They put me on a combination of antibiotics. The next day I was back at Urgent care with a hand swollen up like a boxing glove. They gave me an antibiotic IV. There was a slight improvement by the next day and every day since has been a little better. I did have to build a rig for opening cat food cans with one hand. Thank goodness that worked perfectly as I open dozens of cans a day.

I took the pretty white cat, Buffy, in to get fixed yesterday and let him outside today. He’s been back inside a couple of times so I thinks he’s going to fit in fine.

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